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Greeting fellow officers!

     Thank you for taking time to visit my website. I have been authorized by headquarters to sell to you the collections you see here. Although they are authorized to be manufactured, they are not authorized to be worn on-duty as the uniform of the day. There is no overhead and there is no profit. What the distributor sells to me is the same prices you see on the website. Items will ONLY be sold to active Suffolk County Auxiliary Police Officers! Verification of orders will be made through private messages on the Suffolk County Auxiliary Police website. Once I receive a reply email from the member through that website, I will then proceed with the order. This will ensure no one other then those authorized to purchase can do so. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. With the future development of this website, new and exciting items will be added. Check back often!


APO Jay Chindananta #302

Now avialible the letters "SCAPD" in the badge area rather then your actual badge Number. Security concerns when wearing your badge number off duty prompted this option for the website.